AQA A2 Biology 3

Welcome to your AQA A2 Biology 3

Select the incorrect statement regarding rods.

Which type of cells secrete glucagon?

Select the correct statement out of the following.

What is mycorrhiza?

The chemical energy store in plant biomass within a given area or volume.

What does the external layer of the eyeball consist of?

Which part of the nephron secretes renin?

Select the correct sequence of the nitrogen cycle.

What happens if the internal temperature is low in an organism?

Which is not a feature of tissue fluid that influences cell activities?

The microecological zone in direct proximity of plant roots.

Organisms responsible for the nitrification process of nitrogen cycle.

The 'blind spot' in an eye.

Select the incorrect pair of receptor and stimulus.

Which statement is incorrect regarding the use of artificial fertilizers?

Organisms responsible for the dentrification process of nitrogen cycle.

Which of the following is incorrect regarding the role of renin?

Organisms responsible for ammonification during nitrogen cycle.

The pigment present in cones.

Cells responsible for colour vision.