AQA AS Biology 3

Welcome to your AQA AS Biology 3

1. A major structural difference between an eukaryotic cell and a prokaryotic cell.
2. Which is not a basic concept of cell theory?
3. Choose the correct order of cell arrangement in complex multicellular organisms.
4. The site of ribosome formation.
5. Prokaryotic cells have a single ___________ instead of a nucleus.
6. Which of the following is a major difference between plant and animal cells?
7. Components of cytoskeleton.
8. How is rough ER different from smooth ER?
9. Which organelle is referred as the 'Powerhouse of the cell'?
10. In complex multicellular organisms, eukaryotic cells become _________ for specific functions.
11. What are the organelles assisting in cell locomotion?
12. Which of the following is not correctly paired?
13. Select the correct statement with regard to chloroplasts.
14. Network of tiny tubes within the cytoplasm.
15. Component of plant cell wall.
16. What is the function of cell wall in a plant cell?
17. The site of chromosomes.
18. Function of ribosomes.
19. Which of the following is found in plant cells but not in bacteria?
20. The site of chlorophyll.
21. Select the incorrect statement regarding haemoglobin.
22. Which is not a function of golgi bodies?
23. Many prokaryotic cells do not have __________________.
24. Select the incorrect sentence out of the following.
25. Cristae are structures found in the __________.