CIE A2 Control and co-ordination

Welcome to your CIE A2 Control and co-ordination

Which of the folowing is not a characteristic feature of striated muscles?

Application of gibberellin in barley seeds causes:

Which of the following is incorrect regarding the selective permeability of neurilemma on a resting nerve fibre?

A plant hormone which controls the response of plants to environmental stresses.

Which of the following is responsible for saltatory conduction in myelinated neurones?

The synapses that use acetylcholine as the transmitter substance is known as:

The small, uncovered areas of axon between Schwann cells.

Myelin is made by specialised cells known as _______.

Which statement describes the biological action of the oestrogen/progesterone contraceptive pill?

Select the correct statement about the morning-after pill.

Which type of neurones transport impulses from receptors to the CNS?

The form in which energy is received by the olfactory cells in nose.