CIE A2 Genetic technology

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A disease caused by a recessive allele of the gene that codes for a transporter protein called CFTR.

Which disease is not diagnosed using genetic screening?

Which statement is incorrect regarding rice?

DNA fingerprinting could be used to:
a) Identify a body
b) Determine whether two people are a good genetic match for medical reasons
c) Genetically modify organisms
d) Establish a blood relationship between two people.

Select the correct order of DNA fingerprinting.

The Golden Rice was produced to solve the problem of:

Which of the following is a vector for GMO production?

The collection, processing and analysis of biological information and data using computer software.

Which is not a method of producing DNA fragments?

The type of vitamin deficiency common among poor people where rice is part of their major diet.

The first successful gene therapy was performed for the following disease.