CIE A2 Photosynthesis

Welcome to your CIE A2 Photosynthesis

The light independant reaction of photosynthesis uses _____________ from the light dependant reaction to form a ___________.

Select the incorrect pair from the following.

Which of the following is not a C4 plant?

Which of the following is absent in stroma?

Which is not a limiting factor of photosynthesis?

Select the correct statement regarding light dependant reaction of photosynthesis.

The principle which shows that isolated chloroplasts have 'reducing power' and liberates oxygen from water in the presence of an oxidising agent is:

Which enzyme catalyzes the above reaction?

Choose the correct order of words to fill in the blanks. In the light independant reaction of photosynthesis, the production of ATP involves ________ transfer associated with the transfer of electrons down the electron transfer chain and passage of _______ across _________ membranes and is catalysed by ATP ________ embedded in these membranes (chemiosomotic theory).

Answer the following 2 questions with regard to light independant reaction of photosynthesis. Which molecule is formed when Carbon dioxide reacts with RuBP?