CIE AS Biological molecules

Welcome to your CIE AS Biological molecules

Which of the following solutions turn milky white upon adding ethanol and water?

a) A slice of potato

b) Milk

c) Palm oil

d) A piece of apple

Which of the following does not react with Benedict's solution?

What happens when a Biuret reagent is added to a solution of free amino acids?

Which property of water makes it possible for a pond skater to 'walk' on the surface of a water body?

Select the incorrect statement regarding the haemoglobin molecule.

Which term describes both collagen and haemoglobin?

How many polypeptide chains does a collagen molecule contain?

An example of a fibrous protein.

A condensation reaction between two amino acids forms the following bond.

Which of the following is not a disaccharide?

What is the most important monosaccharide in energy metabolism?