CIE AS Immunity

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Which type of immunity is provided by vaccination?

Which type of immunity is provided by colostrum?

Any molecule which the body recognises as foreign is

Select the incorrect statement about measles.

Which of the following is an autoimmune disease?

What describes the cells producing monoclonal antibodies?

The following occur during the response to infection:
1. attachment of bacteria to cell surface membrane of phagocyte
2. movement of phagocyte to site of infection by bacteria
3. formation of a phagocytic vacuole
4. fusion of lysosomes to the phagocytic vacuole
5. infolding of cell surface membrane
6. release of enzymes into the phagocytic vacuole
In which order do these events occur?

Select the incorrect statement regarding phagocytes.

Which of the following explains why antibody molecules have quaternary structure?