CIE AS Transport in mammals

Welcome to your CIE AS Transport in mammals

The 'lub' sound of the heart is caused by the closure of which type of valves?

Vessels carrying blood away from the heart.

Which of the following is not a characteristic of a double circulation?

Which is not an adaptation shown by people living permanently at high altitude?

In which heart chamber's wall does the electrical initiation of a heartbeat begin?

Select the incorrect statement regarding lymphatic system.

Vessels carrying blood towards the heart.

Select the correct statement(s) out of the followin:
a)Red blood cells are shaped like a biconvex disc.
b)Red blood cells are very small.
c)Red blood cells are very flexible.
d)Red blood cells have many mitochondria.

What are the 3 layers of a heart?
a) Endocardium
b) Epicardium
c) Pericardium
d) Myocardium

The mammalian circulatory system is a ___________.

Select the correct statement regarding carbon monoxide.