Edexcel AS Biology 2

Welcome to your Edexcel AS Biology 2

1. Cristae are structures found in the __________.
2. A similarity between transmission electron microscope and scanning electron microscope.
3. What is the function of mRNA in protein synthesis?
4. The microscope which has one lens to magnify images using light.
5. Choose the correct order of cell arrangement in complex multicellular organisms.
6. The site of lysosome formation.
7. Which is not a virus among the following?
8. The site of chlorophyll.
9. Function of ribosomes.
10. The microscope which uses electrons to provide a three-dimensional view of the surface of the object.
11. What is the fluid-filled space that surrounds the cristae within a mitochondrion?
12. Which of the following is a major difference between plant and animal cells?
13. Which is known as the universal energy carrier?
14. Many prokaryotic cells do not have __________________.
15. What is the function of rRNA?
16. Choose the correct statement regarding plastids.
17. What are the organelles assisting in cell locomotion?
18. Select the correct statement about viruses.
19. Which of the following is not correctly paired?
20. The nucleus in a photograph of a cell measures 2 mm across. If the magnification in the photograph is × 500, what is the actual size of the nucleus?
21. The site of chromosomes.
22. Which of the following has no membrane?
23. Components of cytoskeleton.
24. Which is not a function of golgi bodies?
25. Network of tiny tubes within the cytoplasm.