Edexcel AS Biology 6

Welcome to your Edexcel AS Biology 6

The reason for the closure of A-V valves during the cardiac cycle.

Which is not a component found in saliva?

The 3 parts which form the small intestine.

Which part of the digestive system contains the appendix?

Where is Brunner's glands located?

Which of the following is not a respiratory pigment?

Which artery arises from the left ventricle?

A difference between arteries and arterioles.

A distinct feature of a closed circulatory system.

A cell in the process of meiosis was seen to have a spindle with sister chromatids being drawn towards opposite poles of the cell. In what stage of meiosis was the cell?

Vessels carrying blood towards the heart.

Structures found in the small intestine to increase the surface area of absorption.

What is the function of lacteal ducts?

A structure present in a villus.

What is the correct sequence which indicates the mechanism of opening a stomata?
a) Volume of guard cell increases.
b) H+ transported out of guard cells.
c) Water enters guard cells by osmosis.
d) K+ diffuses into guard cells.
e) Guard cells curve to open stomata.
f) Water potential of guard cells falls.g)K+ channels open.

Which of the following are lipid soluble vitamins?
a) Vitamin E
b) Vitamin B
c) Vitamin C
d) Vitamin D

Which type of cells secrete HCl in the stomach?

How does the food bolus travel upto the stomach?

Essential components of a circulatory system.