Edexcel B A2 Biology 1

Welcome to your Edexcel B A2 Biology 1

1. A few students used the mark-release-capture technique in order to find out the estimated number of wild boars in an area near the forest. The following data was collected. Number caught and marked in first sample=63. Number caught in second sample=82. Number in the second sample that had been marked=16. What is the estimated number in the population?
2. Which mechanism(s) allow changes to the pool of genes? a)Natural selection b)Genetic drift c)Speciation d)Gene flow
3. How many pairs of autosomes are present in a human being?
4. Which enzyme catalyzes the above reaction?
5. 360 sharks were captured, tagged and released to the deep ocean. Later, when 200 sharks were captured, 12 of them had tags. What is the size of the shark population?
6. A group of scientists found out the estimated number of meerkats in an area to be 2992 using the mark-release-capture technique. The number caught and marked in the first sample was 151. The number caught in the second sample was 240. How many was marked in the second sample?
7. An example of a sex linked disorder.
8. What is homozygous genotype?
9. Select the correct statement out of the following.
10. The presence of 2 genes on the same chromosome so that they tend to be inherited together and do not assort independently.
11. Select the correct statements from the following.

a) Fish populations can be preserved if quotas are observed.
b) Bioaccumulation is when plants are produced in large numbers within an ecosystem.
c) Forests can be preserved if the trees are replanted.
d) Sometimes there are tensions between conservation efforts and the needs of local communities.
12. Answer the following 2 questions with regard to light independant reaction of photosynthesis. Which molecule is formed when Carbon dioxide reacts with RuBP?
13. Select the correct statement out of the following.
14. The light independant reaction of photosynthesis uses _____________ from the light dependant reaction to form a ___________.
15. Select the incorrect statement out of the following.
16. The statement which proves the common ancestry between different species.
17. Choose the correct order of words to fill in the blanks.

In the light independant reaction of photosynthesis, the production of ATP involves ________ transfer associated with the transfer of electrons down the electron transfer chain and passage of _______ across _________ membranes and is catalysed by ATP ________ embedded in these membranes (chemiosomotic theory).
18. Select the incorrect statement out of the following.
19. Select the correct statement regarding light dependant reaction of photosynthesis.
20. A change in the allele frequency of a population is ___________.
21. Choose the correct order of formation.
22. A sustainable energy source.