Edexcel B A2 Biology 3

Welcome to your Edexcel B A2 Biology 3

1. A mutated gene that causes cancer.
2. Enzymes used in cutting DNA into smaller fragments.
3. Select the correct statement about Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).
4. What is the term used in describing the spread of cancerous cells in different parts of the body?
5. Which of the following is a vector for GMO production?
6. DNA fingerprinting could be used to

a) Identify a body.
b) Determine whether two people are a good genetic match for medical reasons.
c) Genetically modify organisms.
d) Establish a blood relationship between two people.
7. Select the correct order of DNA fingerprinting.
8. Which is not a function of tumour suppressor genes?
9. Select the incorrect statement regarding vectors in gene transfer.
10. Select the incorrect statement about DNA fingerprinting.
11. Which of the following cannot be screened using labelled DNA probes?
12. Which of the following is an example for the use of recombinant DNA?

a) Recombinant vaccines
b) Production of insulin
c) Somatic gene therapy
d) Better crops
13. The first step of PCR.
14. Select the incorrect statement from the following.
15. The first heat stable DNA polymerase to be used in PCR.
16. Which is not a carcinogen?
17. An important difference between oncogenes and tumour suppressor genes.
18. Which is not a method of producing DNA fragments?
19. Choose the incorrect sentence out of the following.
20. Which of the following could increase the risk of breast cancer?
21. Which is not a difference between benign and malignant tumours?
22. Example of a benign tumour.
23. Choose the correct statement regarding cancer.
24. Select the incorrect statement regarding the relationship between oestrogen levels and breast cancer.
25. Which is not a type of cancer treatment?