Edexcel B AS Biology 2

Welcome to your Edexcel B AS Biology 2

1. The organic base not found in DNA.
2. Select the correct statement with regard to chloroplasts.
3. Which is not a basic concept of cell theory?
4. Which of the following is a major difference between plant and animal cells?
5. Select the incorrect statement regarding cells.
6. Which indicates an indirect evidence for evolution?
7. Which of the following is a double membrane bound organelle?
8. The fuction of internal membranes in eukaryotic cells.
9. Which of the following does not react with Benedict's solution?
10. The enzyme responsible for unwinding the double helix structure of the DNA during DNA replication.
11. Select the incorrect statement from the following.
12. Which property of water helps water skating insects to move on the surface of water?
13. How is rough ER different from smooth ER?
14. The final product of DNA replication.
15. Which of the following is a single membrane bound organelle?