Edexcel B AS Biology 3

Welcome to your Edexcel B AS Biology 3

Structures found in the small intestine to increase the surface area of absorption.

The opening between the right auricle and the right ventricle.

What is the function of smooth ER?

Bile salts are formed in the ______ and secreted by the _________.

The membranes which surround the nucleus of a cell.

Which organelle is responsible for providing shape to cells?

Which artery arises from the left ventricle?

The 3 parts which form the small intestine.

Vessels carrying blood towards the heart.

Which of the following organelles would display a trilaminar appearance at very high magnifications?

The reason for the closure of A-V valves during the cardiac cycle.

Microtubules are made of a protein called ________.

Essential components of a circulatory system.

Where is Brunner's glands located?

Which type of cells secrete HCl in the stomach?

A distinct feature of an open circulatory system.

Which part of the digestive system contains the appendix?

The 'lub' sound of the heart is caused by the closure of which type of valves?

The bicuspid valve is also known as the _______.

What is the respiratory organ of a spider?