Edexcel B AS Biology 5

Welcome to your Edexcel B AS Biology 5

Select the incorrect statement regarding the structure of xylem.

A type of muscle which is not used in respiration.

Which of the following aids in stretching and recoiling of alveolar walls?

How does the air flow into the lungs during inspiration?

What is the first step of inspiration?

Which type of epithelium lines the inner endothelium in arteries?

Tissue fluid is the result of _______.

What is the function of enzyme pepsin?

A factor which does not affect the rate of transpiration in plants.

Select the correct sentence regarding smoking.

Select the correct sequence of steps regarding expiration.
a) Abdominal muscles contract.
b) Volume of the lungs decreases.
c) Diaphragm muscles relax.
d) Air flows out of the lungs.
e) External intercostal muscles relax.
f) Internal intercostal muscles contract.

Which of the following is not an adaptation of alveoli for efficient gas exchange?

The type of epithelial tissue lining the alveoli.

Which of the following is not a component of gastric juice?

Which of the following occurs during the process of expiration?

Select the incorrect statement regarding tissue fluid.

Why are blood samples normally taken from veins rather than arteries?

Which type of cells produce mucus in trachea and bronchi?

Capillaries form a network throughout every tissue in the body except ________.

The feel of 'pulse' in your wrist is due to ________.