Edexcel B Ecosystems

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The energy remaining after respiratory loss of plants cannot be available to
The loss of most of the chemical energy stored in the consumer’s food is not due to
Conversion of available energy into biomass by organisms of a trophic level is determined by
The correct sequence of species which appear from primary succession to climax among the following are:
(a) Shrubs and bushes
(b) Grasses and herbs
(c) lichens and mosses
(d) ash and oak
Excessive release of CO2 due to fossil fuel burning leads to which of the following problems in seawater?
Global warming leads to imbalance in enzyme activity because
The Amazon rainforest burning is a classic example of
All the plants and animals in a forest make a
The final spot in any food web is taken by
The typical transfer of biomass between consecutive levels is about
Quadrats and transects are used for
"C" in ACFOR stands for
Net Primary Productivity is calculated as
Large trees in forests are
One of the impacts of overfishing is