Edexcel B Microbiology and Pathogens

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Any molecule which the body recognises as foreign is
Select the incorrect statement regarding phagocytes.
Which of the following explains why antibody molecules have quaternary structure?
The one which is not an element of aseptic technique is
An example of selective media for Gram-negative bacteria is
The first phase of a bacterial growth curve is
An opportunistic pathogen, being a common cause of skin infections is
Peptidoglycans are components of
The component regularly transmitted between different bacterial species is
One of the reasons for antibiotic resistance in bacteria is
One of the symptoms not associated with flu is
Select the incorrect statement regarding antibiotics.
The leading cause of death among HIV positive people.
What is the role of keratinocytes in protecting the body from infection?
HIV infected people are prone to TB because
Which of the following is not a symptom of Tubercolosis?
Phagocytosis is carried out by
The task of the T-killer cells is to kill
Antigen-antibody complexes are formed by
Anopheles stephensi is the vector for
Passive immunity is acquired by an infant through