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The site where male gametes are produced in flowering plants
Select the incorrect statement from the following.
The stage of mitosis where chromosomes line up across the equator of the spindle.
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The G-1, S and G-2 phases of the cell cycle are known collectively as _________.
Mitosis takes place during the ____ phase of the cell cycle.
Which of the following gives rise to genetic variation in a population?
a) crossing over and independent assortment in meiosis
b) different environmental conditions
c) random mating and fertilisation
d) mutation
Chromosomes line up at equator during
Twisting, breaking and rejoining of two chromatids during meiosis is called
Release of cortical granules in the space betweeen cell membrane and zona pellucida prevents
Pollen tube is formed by interaction of
Which process does the plant cells use to get their cell wall building materials to the outside of the cell surface membrane?
Cytoplasmic bridge between adjacent plant cells is called
Which of the following diseases is not caused by a virus?
In prokaryotes, transcription and translation take place in
The diversity of alleles within the genes in the genome of a single species.
Which of the following is not a major threat to the biodiversity?
The role of an organism in an ecosystem.
Variations of alleles within a species is called
Changes in the organism which help them to survive and reproduce successfully in a new environment is called
Number of dark coloured or white moths increase or decrease as per background because of
Grouping of organisms based on similarities and dissimilarities is called
Protection of species in their natural habitat is called
Lemurs are found naturally only on the island of
Hibernation in winter and aestivation in summer are examples of
Which of these terms defines the role of an organism in its ecosystem?
Physical barriers are the root cause of
Comparitive biochemistry of order of nucleotide bases in DNA can be used as
Allopatric speciation can be a result of
Self-fertilization in plants can lead to
Cementing material present between adjacent plant cells that helps to hold them together
The energy remaining after respiratory loss of plants cannot be available to
The loss of most of the chemical energy stored in the consumer’s food is not due to