Eduqas Core Quizz 1

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Which statement about base pairing in nucleic acids is not correct?
What is the most important monosaccharide in energy metabolism?
Which of the following is not a disaccharide?
Solution of NaCl in water happens via ____________
The common unit among sucrose, maltose and lactose is _____________
Glycogen is very good for energy storage due to
Which are the building blocks of triglycerides?
Starch is used for glucose storage by
Which other type of organisms may use glycogen for energy storage apart from animals?
A condensation reaction between two amino acids forms the following bond.
A special type of diffusion involving water molecules only.
Which of the following statement is incorrect regarding RNA?
What can be found in both DNA and messenger RNA (mRNA)?
The enzyme responsible for forming hydrogen bonds during the process of DNA replication.
Choose the correct statement regarding DNA replication.
Choose the incorrect statement regarding DNA replication.
What is the function of mRNA in protein synthesis?
Which small molecule is released during the formation of a peptide bond?
The mild shift in the structure of enzyme due to interaction with substrate is explained with
Purines and pyrimidines in the structure of DNA are
The basic structure of a nucleotide contains sugar moeity made of