Eduqas Core Quizz 2

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The nitrogeneous bases which differ between RNA and DNA are
The semi-conservative approach implies the DNA is copied
Select the incorrect statement regarding the haemoglobin molecule.
Cellular activities are controlled by nucleus through
What are linked together by hydrogen bonds to form cellulose microfibrils
Amylose and amylopectin are polysaccharides of
Cellulose is a polymer of
Which ion is required for production of chlorophyll
The first step of translation for production of polypeptides is
Select the incorrect statement with regard to ATP.
Secretory vescicles from the golgi body carry the enzyes to the cell surface and release their contents. This is an example of
Which of the following is responsible for the 'mosaic' nature of the cell surface membrane?
The site of protein synthesis.
Which of the following organelles is the largest and the most easily observed with the light microscope?
The organelle responsible for generating reproductive hormones such as oestrogen and testosterone
Select the correct statement about mitochondria.
Which of the following organelles would display a trilaminar appearance at very high magnifications?
What is the function of enzymes present in the golgi body of plants?
Select the incorrect statement from the following.
In active transport, the exchange takes place between
Global warming leads to imbalance in enzyme activity because