OCR A2 Biology 1

Welcome to your OCR A2 Biology 1

1. Where does glycolysis take place?
2. The chemical energy store in plant biomass within a given area or volume.
3. Select the incorrect statements out of the following.

a) Plants store glucose as starch and animals store it as glycogen.
b) During excercise the muscle cells respire more than they do at rest.
c) Respiration and breathing are the same thing.
d) The muscles store glucose as fatty acids.
4. The most common enzyme in the world.
5. Select the correct statement out of the following.
6. Clutch size in birds is an example of ___________.
7. Which is not a condition for Hardy-Weinburg equilibrium?
8. Biomass can be measured in terms of ______________ or ____________ per given area.
9. An example of how farmers can increase the rate of crop growth in greenhouses in relation to photosynthesis.
10. Industrial melanism is an example of ___________.
11. A situation where Hardy-Weinburg calculations does not apply.
12. A few students used the mark-release-capture technique in order to find out the estimated number of wild boars in an area near the forest. The following data was collected. Number caught and marked in first sample=63. Number caught in second sample=82. Number in the second sample that had been marked=16. What is the estimated number in the population?
13. Which of the following is also known as the citric acid cycle?
14. What happens if respiration is aerobic?
15. What is the waste product in anaerobic respiration?
16. Which indicates the summary of aerobic respiration?
17. Select the incorrect statement about the Krebs cycle.
18. Select the incorrect sentence about respiration.
19. A factor which is not necessary for the process of photosynthesis.
20. Which is not a limiting factor of photosynthesis?
21. Select the correct statement regarding photosynthesis.