OCR AS Biology 3

Welcome to your OCR AS Biology 3

1. Select the incorrect statement regarding smoking.
2. Which does not happen when you inhale?
3. Which does not happen when you exhale?
4. Select the correct statement about nicotine.
5. What is the countercurrent principle in the respiratory system of a fish?
6. Stomata does not close in which of the following circumstance?
7. Select the correct statement about gills.
8. What is the correct sequence of breathing in order starting from inhalation?

a) Air is forced out of the lungs.
b) The diaphragm rises during exhalation.
c) The volume of the lung increases and air pressure in the lung decreases.
d) Air enters the lungs.
e) The volume of lungs decreases and the air pressure in the lungs increases.
9. The substance in tobacco which decreases the oxygen carrying capacity of haemoglobin.
10. Which is not a main component of cigarette smoke?
11. Why do large mammals have difficulties regulating body temperature in hot climates?
12. An essential feature of alveoli which contributes towards efficient gas exchange.
13. Which is not a method used in examining tumours in the lungs?
14. Which of the following is a lung disease?
15. What is the function of mRNA in protein synthesis?
16. Select the correct statement regarding water and heat loss in organisms.
17. Which of the following is a symptom of chronic bronchitis?
18. Select the incorrect statement about stomata.
19. Which of the following contains cartilage?