OCR AS Biology 6

Welcome to your OCR AS Biology 6

Destruction of alveoli occur in the following disease.

Which component of pancreatice juice digests undigested starch?

Breathing in someone else's cigarette smoke is called ________ smoking.

What happens when the blood enters the artery with high pressure?

When breathing, air is filtered, warmed and moistened in this organ.

Which of the following is not a function of surfactant?

What is the component in cigarette smoke which causes addictivity?

Which of the following is not an adaptation of alveoli for efficient gas exchange?

Select the correct sequence of steps regarding inspiration.
a) Air pressure in the lungs decreases.
b) Air flows into the lungs.
c) Volume of the lungs increases.
d) Diaphragm muscles contract.

Which is not a main component of cigarette smoke?

Select the correct sentence regarding smoking.

Select the correct statement regarding tar in cigarette smoke.

The amount of air which passes in or out of the lungs during each cycle of quiet breathing.

________ catalyzes the conversion of trypsinogen to trypsin.

What is chyme?

Which of the following occurs during the process of inspiration?

Which is not a cause for lung diseases?

Which of the following digests small polypeptides?

Which of the following disease could be linked to atmospheric pollution from vehicle, industrial emissions and tobacco smell?