Edexcel A Level Biology Revision

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Edexcel AS and A Level Biology Revision

Pass your A-Level Biology exams

Whether you are a first or second-year student studying Biology at A-Level, our revision kit will save you hundreds of hours in research and exam prep.

We provide everything you need to pass your exams, making it the most efficient and reliable way to study A-Level Biology. Join over 22,000 students getting the best grades possible, and sign up today.

Included in this Edexcel Biology bundle

  • A complete overview of Edexcel AS & A Level Biology (latest spec)
  • Condensed, easy-to-follow revision notes covering every topic
  • Edexcel A Practical Notes also included.
  • Comprehensive examination questions & answers.
  • Mark schemes for every Edexcel topic
  • Unlimited access to updates and additions
  • Premium email support

Exam questions & mark scheme

Also included in this revision guide are exam booklets for each topic that include dozens of practice questions. A mark scheme is also provided to test knowledge and understanding of the topics.

Our examination questions are broken down by the respective topic area so you can be confident in the knowledge you are studying the right topics at the right time. The mark schemes can be found in a separate folder so you can check your answers upon completing the questions.

Practical Topics 1-9

  • Practical 1: Investigate the effect of caffeine on heart rate in Daphnia.
  • Practical 2: Investigate the vitamin C content of food and drink.
  • Practical 3: Investigate membrane structure, including the effect of alcohol concentration or temperature on membrane permeability.
  • Practical 4: Investigate the effect of enzyme and substrate concentrations on the initial rates of reactions.
  • Practical 5: Prepare and stain a root tip squash to observe the stages of mitosis.
  • Practical 6: Identify sclerenchyma fibres, phloem sieve tubes and xylem vessels and their location within stems through a light microscope.
  • Practical 7: Investigate plant mineral deficiencies.
  • Practical 8: Determine the tensile strength of plant fibres.
  • Practical 9: Investigate the antimicrobial properties of plants, including aseptic techniques for the safe handling of bacteria.

Practical Topics 10-18

  • Practical 10: Carry out a study on the ecology of a habitat, such as using quadrats and transects to determine distribution and abundance of organisms, and measuring abiotic factors appropriate to the habitat.
  • Practical 11: Investigate photosynthesis using isolated chloroplasts (the Hill reaction).
  • Practical 12: Investigate the effect of temperature on the initial rate of an enzyme-catalysed reaction, to include Q10.
  • Practical 13: Investigate the effects of temperature on the development of organisms (such as seedling growth rate, brine shrimp hatch rates).
  • Practical 14: Use gel electrophoresis to separate DNA fragments of different length.
  • Practical 15: Investigate the effect of different antibiotics on bacteria.
  • Practical 16: Investigate rate of respiration.
  • Practical 17: Investigate the effects of exercise on tidal volume, breathing rate, respiratory minute ventilation and oxygen consumption using data from spirometer traces
  • Practical 18: Investigate habituation to a stimulus.

This course will help you or your students to fully prepare for the Edexcel Biology A-Level and get practical knowledge needed to take the examinations.

Edexcel A Level Biology Revision

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