A Level Biology Quiz & Practice Questions

With over 1000 questions covering the major exam boards (and more questions being added every month) these quizzes are the perfect way to put your revision to the test and fully prepare for your A-Level Biology exams.

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With A-level biology comes a lot of coursework to revise. Don’t stray into the boredom danger zone and lose hours of important revision time through distraction and procrastination, take advantage of quizzes to streamline and maximise your study time. Here are just some of the ways quizzes can help you.

First off, if you take a quiz both before and after your revision session you do two things: As a pre-study tool, you’re able to identify areas that need work and those that you know well. As a post-study tool, you’re able to assess how well you revised, how much more information you gained and plan what needs to happen in the next session. These are all important in keeping you motivated and in building your A-level biology confidence.

Quizzes are a great way to solidify important neural networks. If you think of your brain as a series of pathways, each time you’re required to retrieve a piece of information, that route in your brain becomes a stronger and faster pathway. As you get better at retaining and recalling information, it means less need to go over previous material.

Getting comfortable with course material as well as the language and format of exams is important to doing well in your A-levels. When you’re familiar with the language and style of questions associated with the exams, you’re likely to be less stressed and will be able to perform better – provided you’ve learned the content!

While repetition is important for effective learning – in fact, it’s recommended that you review your material at least four times before your exam – it can lead to boredom unless smart tactics like quizzes are used to keep you engaged and interested. You can even get your parents, guardians, siblings and friends involved to make it a social and entertaining exercise.

“But if you’re doing the same quizzes all the time, aren’t you going to get bored of them?” you ask. Sure, if you use the same quiz over and over again. Fortunately for you, A-level Biology has loads of quizzes so you’ll never get tired of the same content. No matter your subject matter, we’ve got quizzes and answer sheets to help you succeed. Get cracking, we’re rooting for you!