AQA A2 Biology 2

Welcome to your AQA A2 Biology 2

Which of the following is incorrect regarding insulin?

Which of the following is not an advantage of decomposition?

The cause of eutrophication.

Select the incorrect statement from the following.

Type1 diabetes is sometimes called _________.

Which of the following is not a method of soil obtaining Nitrogen compounds?

Which of the following is a chemoreceptor?

Within a population of rabbits, the colour black (B) is dominant over the colour white (b). And, 30% of all rabbits are white. What is the percentage of heterozygous rabbits in the population?

In which form can plants obtain Nitrogen?

Which of the following indicates the role of micro organisms with regard to plant growth?
a) Decomposition process
b) Fixation of Nitrogen
c) Production of plant growth substances
d) Formation of soil aggregation

Choose the correct statement regarding the mineralization process of decomposition.

Select the incorrect statement regarding receptors.

The interaction between two or more genes to control a single phenotype.

The process where protein is digested by proteolitic enzymes secreted by saprophytic fungi and bacteria.

Where are the GLUT proteins found in cells?

Select the correct pair of receptor and stimulus.

An example of a thermoreceptor.

Lack of rhodopsin could cause the following condition.

Which of the following does not occur during the symbiotic fixation of atmospheric nitrogen fixation?
a) Plants absorb ammonium ions.
b) Plants synthesize nitrogenous compounds such as amino acids and proteins.
c) Soil receives nitric acid by rain water.
d) Clostridium converts nitrogen gas into ammonium ions.

Photoreceptive cells associated with monochromatic vision.