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The site where male gametes are produced in flowering plants:

During oogenesis, oogonia divides by meiosis and stops at which stage?

Which of the following statements is true regarding the crossing over?

The stage of meiosis where centromeres split and chromatids seperate.

A man has haemophilia. Which statement correctly describes the inheritance of the gene causing the condition?

During puberty, primary oocytes undergo meiosis to form:

A disease which is an example that displays the relationship between a gene, an enzyme and a human phenotype.

Which of the following is true regarding the process of meiosis I?

The result of a male gemete from a pollen grain fusing with a female gamete inside an ovule of a flowering plant.

During sperm production, diploid cells divide by mitosis to produce numerous diploid _______, which grow to form diploid ________. The first division of meiosis then takes place, forming two haploid ________. The second division of meiosis then produces haploid _______, which mature into spermatozoa.