CIE A2 Selection and evolution

Welcome to your CIE A2 Selection and evolution

Which of the following gives rise to genetic variation in a population?
a) crossing over and independant assortment in meiosis
b) different environmental conditions
c) random mating and fertilisation
d) mutation

In 2011, which animal was declared extinct by the IUCN?

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) annually publishes a ________ of threatened species.

A species of finch living on an isolated island shows variation in beak size. Birds with larger beaks can eat larger seeds. After a period of drought on the island, large seeds were more plentiful than small seeds and the average size of the finches' beaks increased. What explains this increase in size of beak?

In Siamese cats, dark hair develops where the skin is at relatively low temperature. This is an example of:

Select the incorrect statement regarding antibiotics.

An example of continuous variation.

Select the correct statement about sympatric speciation.

The type of selection that occurs when conditions favour both extremes of a population.

A prezygotic isolating mechanism.

Which is not an advantage of having shorter stems in wheat plants?