Edexcel AS Biology 5

Welcome to your Edexcel AS Biology 5

Which of the following is a treatment option for lung cancer?
a. Radiotherapy
b. Surgery
c. Organ transplant
d. Chemotherapy e.Cryotherapy

The role of micelles in the digestive system.

Which of the following methods are used to locate tumours in the lungs?

Which of the following is not essential for the external respiration of vertebrates?

What is the first step of inspiration?

A complex lipid absorbed by the small intestine with the help of micelles.

Select the correct statement regarding lung cancer.

Which is not an adaptation of xerophytic plants to reduce water loss?

Which type of cells produce mucus in trachea and bronchi?

A type of muscle which is not used in respiration.

The 2 components of tobacco smoke that cause short term effects on the cardiovascular system.

Which compound is formed when carbon monoxide combines with haemoglobin?

Choose the correct sequence of structures in which the air passes through upon entering the nose.

Which is not an effect of nicotine?

What happens when carbon monoxide concentration increases in the blood?

Treatment options for lung cancer is dependant on the following factors.
a. Type of lung cancer.
b. Occurance of metastasis.
c. History of genetic diseases.
d. Severity of the disease.

Pure micelles consist of only ________.

Which of the following occurs during the process of expiration?

Select the incorrect statement regarding gills.

Bile salts are formed in the ______ and secreted by the _________.