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Conversion of available energy into biomass by organisms of a trophic level is determined by
The correct sequence of species which appear from primary succession to climax among the following are:
(a) Shrubs & bushes
(b) Grasses and herbs
(c) litchens & mosses
(d) Ash & oak
Excessive release of CO2 due to fossil fuel burning leads to which of the following problems in the sea waters?
Amazon rainforest burning is a classic example of
All the plants, animals in aforest make a
Final spot in any food web is taken by
Typical transfer of biomass between consecutive levels is about
Quadrats and transects are used for
Net Primary Productivity is calculated as
Large trees in forests are
One of the impacts of overfishing is
Complete set of genetic make up of an individual is called
Alternative splicing acts as a mechanism of
Nucleosomes are formed by
Epigenetic modifications can result in the transformation of
Gene guns can be used as
Studying and modeling of different human diseases is based on
One of the disadvantages of GM crops are
Select the correct order of DNA fingerprinting.
Which is not a method of producing DNA fragments?
Why is splicing not required in prokaryotes?
Identify the parts that get removed during post-transcriptional modifications
In the procedure of PCR, What are the temperature conditions maintained for binding of DNA primers with DNA strands?
Which of the following is not a factor for determining Time of Death through forensics
MN blood groups of humans are examples of
A recessive allele is only expressed when
A recombination frequency of 0.5 indicates
The chromosomes which are not autosomes are
Hemofilia vectors are
An example of continuous variation.
In Siamese cats, dark hair develops where the skin is at relatively low temperature. This is an example of
Where more than one gene contol inheritance of character it is called
DNA sequence of human and chimpanzees share about