Eduqas Component 3

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Which of the following is not a characteristic of a double circulation?
Vessels carrying blood away from the heart.
The mammalian circulatory system is a ___________.
Fine network-like structure containg one-cell thick blood vessels are called
Vessels carrying blood towards the heart.
At which stage in cardiac cycle do both ventricles and atria get relaxed?
Which of these is not a risk due to the effect of Atherosclerosis?
Select the incorrect statement regarding channel proteins.
By what process is a large molecule transported?
Surface area to volume efficiency in gas exchange
Oxygen moves into a cell
Select the incorrect statement regarding the structure of xylem.
The movement of water up through xylem vessels is by _________.
What are the 3 layers of a heart?
a) Endocardium
b) Epicardium
c) Pericardium
d) Myocardium
The 'lub' sound of the heart is caused by the closure of which type of valves?
Which ions receive the action potential from the T-tubules?
Stimulation during negative feedback follows the path
The small, uncovered areas of axon between Schwann cells.
Which of the following is responsible for saltatory conduction in myelinated neurones?
Which of the following is not a part of nervous system?
Myelin sheath acts as
Myelin sheath is produced
In myelinated neurons, impulses jump from one node to the next. This is called
Which statement is true for resting and threshold phases of generation of action potential?
Which of these contain synaptic vesicles filled with neurotransmitters?