OCR AS Biology 4

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Treatment options for lung cancer is dependant on the following factors.
a. Type of lung cancer.
b. Occurance of metastasis.
c. History of genetic diseases.
d. Severity of the disease.

Which of the following is a treatment option for lung cancer?
a. Radiotherapy
b. Surgery
c. Organ transplant
d. Chemotherapy
e. Cryotherapy

Which of the following is a bile salt?

A distinct feature of a closed circulatory system.

Number of openings in the right auricle.

Which artery arises from the right ventricle?

Which of the following digests DNA?

What is the unit of blood pressure?

Which of the following methods are used to locate tumours in the lungs?

The closest membrane to the heart muscle.

Which of the following is not a characteristic of a double circulation?

The 2 components of tobacco smoke that cause short term effects on the cardiovascular system.

An animal phylum which possesses an open circulatory system.

What is the function of renin?

Which compound is formed when carbon monoxide combines with haemoglobin?

Select the correct statement regarding lung cancer.

Which of the following is incorrect regarding a mammalian heart?

Which is not an effect of nicotine?

Tiny vessels that link arteries and veins.

The hormone which facilitates the release of bile.